Javascal History

Javascal was developed by Marzio Pattano as a thesis for Computer Science degree and was released in gamma version for the first time on August 2004.
On April 2009 Samuel Carlsson start partecipating in Javascal development.

Javascal Goals

The main Javascal goal is to be a pascal compiler that is able to translate a subset of Pascal ISO 7185 language into Java bytecode.

The second Javascal purpose is to be a useful compiler example for people who are learning compilers architectures. In fact Javascal, during compilation of pascal source files, produces HTML log files that shows the Javascal tasks executed for translating the pascal source program. Javascal is also able to produce a graphical Abstract Syntax Tree built during the parsing of pascal files.

Javascal is not a full pascal compiler at the moment and he is waiting for volounteers developers who want to experience in compilers providing Javascal with full support of Pascal ISO 7185.

Javascal How To

The SVN repository has free reading access and you can learn how to begin the Javascal developement following the "Getting Starded with Javascal - Developers Guide" guide. Let me know in case you want to active participate of Javascal development, because in this case I can give you write permissions too.

In case you are just curious and you want to try Javascal you can download it here , and you can follow the "Javascal - User Guide" for running it. Logo